Lighting Redefined: Introducing the NUVOLA System – The Ultimate Versatile and Programmable Lighting Solution

The NUVOLA System is a versatile system that adapts to the needs of the project, the designer’s idea, and ultimately, the space. It can be manufactured almost to any size. It can be used as an independent recessed, surface-mounted, or suspended luminaire, or else adapted to the ceiling or wall of the space involved.
Designed to achieve general and homogeneous lighting where the light source remains hidden, its translucent diffuser creates a natural light effect according to the given application in the space used. The system is perfectly compatible with accent lights that could be incorporated into the system itself or externally.
The light source also allows many options, from warm or cool white light to a monochrome system, through RGB or Digital RGB or even color temperature change or reproducing the “circadian cycle.” All of this, programmable, offers endless combinations that can adapt to almost any project.