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Hey! I am Edward, a 26 year old designer from California.
I love creative work, coding and pizza

About Good Night Lighting

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In 2022, while emerging from the socio-economic effects of the pandemic, GOOD NIGHT LIGHTING SPECIAL PRODUCTS was born from the merger of two companies: LUMIK + GOOD NIGHT Welcome Light.
This merger represents a significant boost for two companies that were previously positioned in different sectors. On the one hand, GOOD NIGHT Welcome Light focused on standard, basic everyday products, with the residential market, hotels, and offices as its core business. On the other, LUMIK came from over 40 years of artisanal tradition in custom manufacturing, always more focused on making special lighting fixtures tailored to the needs of architects and/or interior designers than on standardizing lighting products.

The fusion of the two companies represents a considerable step forward for both, as this combination multiplies the possibilities of this new company in all areas. A range of possibilities now opens before us that neither had separately.
One year after intense, slow, but ultimately pleasant work, this new catalog appears, allowing designers and lighting professionals to enjoy all the solutions that we offer, with
an extensive, interesting, and sometimes surprising range
of products.
Discover all the possibilities with GOOD NIGHT LIGHTING SPECIAL PRODUCTS – the perfect blend of form and function..


We understand our products as quality lighting solutions based on technology, design and the awareness of light that only experience can give us. Our lights are carefully selected to meet the requirements that allow us to fulfill our commitment in terms of comfort, quality and guarantee

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7 years with Photoshop
7 years with WordPress



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